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you can't

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Q: How do you get your dog into it's doghouse in harvest moon ds cute?
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Can you get the dog into the doghouse on harvest moon ds cute?

unfortunately no, the dog doesnt go in the dog house. I'ave tried pushing it in but he never does. The dog will only stay in the shed/barn and your house.

How do you get to the Doghouse battle on Harvest Moon DS?

you keep picking up your dog behind your doghouse until 4:44 am

Why does your dog play catch in harvest moon ds cute?

If you train your dog to fetch, it will chase away the wild dog that comes when you leave your chicken outside overnight.

How do you get the dog in harvest moon?

in harvest moon ds all you do to get the dog is get out of your house. :) hope i helped

How do you adopt a dog on new harvest moon?

if it is harvest moon ds you get it at the start.

Can you pet your dog and cat on harvest moon ds?

well, if it is the same as harvest moon ds cute then need to buy the touch screen glove at poultry farm.then you can pick up yourdog/cat and you will be able to pet it

Can you teach your dog to do tricks in harvest moon ds?

If you're talking about Harvest Moon: Island Of Happiness, then I'm pretty sure you can't. I'm on year three and I haven't been able, but don't take that from me haha. If you're talking about Harvest Moon: Cute then I truly have the slightest idea. I haven't played that one yet!

Why doesn't the dog go into his doghouse in ds cute?

Because it is dark in there and he wants to be inside where it is not to hot and not to cold but just right

What is a doghouse?

A doghouse is where a dog sleeps. gsfdggusfdtay

Is there a harvest moon cute code that maxes out my child's Fp?

No, but keep showing your dog or cat to him or her by continuously pressing A. This site will help you:

How do you get a dog house on harvest moon save the homeland ps2?

to get a dog house on harvest moon you have to go to the carpenters and buy on and they will come and build it the next day

What is the doghouse for in harvest moon magical melody?

Your dog should go in it on a rainy day, but if your house is to big, he won't fit. Taking your dog outside is pretty much pointless because it won't make his hearts go up any faster. Hope this helped!