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you got to buy him off of the PlayStation Store or find a save on the internet

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Q: How do you get yoda for ps3 soulcalibur 4?
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What downloads are on soulcalibur 4 ps3?

yoda, and various costume packs

How do you unlock yoda in soulcalibur 4 on the PS3?

Yoda is available on Xbox360 and Darthvader is available on PS3 I do believe that you can now download yoda on the ps3, but he will come at a cost Not sure if you can do the same on the xbox

Who is the person between Darth Vader and the apprentice in soulcalibur 4?

I've never played the PS3 version, but if you're talking about the PS3 version, you might be looking at Yoda.

Should you buy soulcalibur 4?

yes,with Darth Vader and yoda and starkiller you have to get it.

How do you get yoda in soul calibur 4 PS3?

cant yoda in 360 version vader on ps3 version

Does soulcalibur 4 come for Wii?

no, its only for the xbox 360 and ps3.

Can you play as yoda in soul calibur 4 and how?

Yes, if you have an xbox 360 not a ps3 because yoda is special to the 360 and Darth Vader is for the ps3.

Cost for yoda on ps3 for soul Calibur 4?

£3.19 in the playstation store.

Yoda for PS3?

nothing lets do somethingg.

How do you unlock Darth Vader in soul calibur 4 for Xbox 360?

you cant vader=ps3 yoda=360

Can you unlock Darth Vader on the Xbox 360 version ofSoulCalibur 4?

use a key No yoda on 360-vader on ps3...

What is soulcalibur 4 rated?