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You can't you must trade from Emerald, the Lost Cave is programmed to have mareeps but it's an event that Nintendo never had

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Q: How do you get wild Ampharos in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get a ampharos in pokemon FireRed?

Since you can't get mareep in firered trade one from emerald.

How do you get wild Ampharos in FireRed?

The code in firered for wild Ampharos: 17543C48 E65E0B97 3CE54322 74A86618 Code in Leafgreen: 594F7021 3B4E81A7 3CE54322 74A86618 To tell you ...I'm sorry but the code website is private

Can you get a amphrados in Pokemon FireRed?

ampharos you mean right, well you can't unless you get a mareep from emerald.

Can you catch a wild cycdaquil in Pokemon FireRed?


Where can you find raikou in Pokemon FireRed?

In the wild.

What type of Pokemon is Ampharos?

Ampharos is an Electric type pokemon.

Where to find a shroomish in Pokemon FireRed pokemon?

Shroomish is not available to be caught in the wild in Pokemon FireRed, it must be traded from Ruby or Sapphire.

What kind of Pokemon is a Ampharos?

An Ampharos is a Lighting Pokemon. It is also my favorite Pokemon too!

How do you get bellsprout in Pokemon FireRed?

Bellsprout has to be found wild, in leafgreen, you need to trade from Leafgreen for Pokemon.

Can you battle a wild growlithe in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No. Growlithe is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon FireRed Version.

How do you get kings rock in Pokemon FireRed?

There is one King's Rock to be found in Pokemon FireRed in Sevault Canyon. They can also sometimes be found on wild Pokemon like Poliwhirl.

How do you get Ampharos in Pokemon Silver?

Ampharos do not naturally appear in the wild in, so in order to get an ampharos, you will need to evolve a flaaffy. Flaaffy can be found on Route 42 and Route 43 or evolved from Mareep, which can be found on Route 32, Route 42 or Route 43.