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At the main menu go down to Nintendo WFC Settings, search for acsess point then type down the WEP (on the back of your router). You can now use the GTS and Wi-Fi Battles in the Battle Tower.

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Q: How do you get wi-fi for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on ds?
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Is there a way to trade in Pokemon platinum without wifi?

yes if u have a Pokemon pearl or diamond trade the Pokemon from the palpark then get another ds put pearl or diamond in then the platinum in the other ds and trade at the Pokemon center at the top

Can you still copy Pokemon on your battle revolution from a new profile on your Pokemon Pearl?

Use the wifi connectivity from your ds to your wii and you can battle with the Pokemon from Pokemon pearl, diamond, platinum, heartgold, and soulsilver versions

Pokemon Battle Revolution how to put legendary Pokemon in a WiFi battle?

if you have Pokemon pearl or diamond you can connect 'em up and send legendarys from your ds to Pokemon battle revolution. :)

Can you merge Pokemon diamond or pearl ds?


Does an action replay ds work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

An action replay DS does work on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl I use it all the TIME!

Pokemon Diamond for Game Boy advance?

Pokemon diamond and pearl are exclusive to Nintendo ds or ds lite

How Do you communicate with people underground in Pokemon pearl without wifi?

Sinnoh underground uses DS wirelless communications not Wi-Fi You need another DS and another Pokémon Diamond/pearl to use it completely

What was the first Pokemon game on DS?

The first Pokemon games for the DS are Diamond and Pearl.

Can the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl emulator use WiFi and trade and battle?

No, emulators of any kind may not get WiFi. You should simply buy a DS, or else you will not get the full thrill of a game.

Can you trade Pokemon with people on Pokemon soulsilver without friend codes like you could on diamond and pearl?

Yes using the Wireless connection for the DS or Nintendo wifi connection.

Where to buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl PC game in India?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are only available on the Nintendo DS.

What is the oldest Pokemon DS game?

Diamond and pearl.