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Water is a found above land in many biomes such as swamp biomes, and desert biomes and tundra biomes and ice biomes. You can also break ice for water you can also go to a river or ocean.

Lava is underground around bedrock level so it just has to be dug around for. You can also check in ravines.

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Q: How do you get water and lava in minecraft?
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What happens if you mix lava and water together in Minecraft?

When water meets a lava 'block', the lava is converted into an obsidian block. If water meets 'flowing' lava then the lava is turned into cobblestone.

How do you get obsidion in Minecraft?

When water is spread on top of lava it creates obsidian but when water and lava collide side to side it creates cobblestone

What do the buckets filled with lava or water mean on the minecraft forums?

Right click a bucket on water and you have a bucked filled with water. Right click a bucket on lava and you have a bucked filled with lava.

When creating a minecraft classic server how do you make commands such as water?

type /water or /lava

How do rocks from lava form?

When a volcano erupts the lava usually reaches water and when they collide it turns into obsidian (I know because of minecraft).

How do you you get rid of flowing lava in minecraft?

Put a block of anything into the hole that the lava is coming out of and it will stop. Works with water falls also.

Where do you find obsideon in minecraft?

Obsidian is created whenever water flows on top of still lava.

How much stuff is in minecraft?

There are 257 items in Minecraft as of 1.4 (excluding mods), including things like pickaxe, lava, water, etc. There is quite a bunch of items in Minecraft!

Why does water in minecraft stay default when I use texture packs?

Its a fluid block. you need mcpatcher to change water or lava.

What use is water in Minecraft?

Water can be used to make traps, Hydrate fields, elevators, putting out lava and fires etc

Where on the app for Minecraft can you find lava?

You can find lava underground.

How do you fill a bucket in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

look at water,lava,a cow an press LT