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press the space bar and you will enter the elevator. Once you get in you have to eliminate others inside, then you get out.

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Q: How do you get up the elevator in thing thing 1?
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What is one thing that stays in one place and goes up and down?

An elevator or lift.

What is a elevator?

a elevator is a thing that helps us around places in story building

If you are standing in an elevator that is moving up at a steady speed of 1 meter per second what is your motion relative to the elevator?

None. 0 mps.

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How do you call the elevator on Poptropica to beat copy cat?

press the up arrow on the elevator and you should go up. same as a regular elevator

What is elevator in aircraft?

the elevator is what makes the the aircraft go up or down.

When an elevator on an airplane is up does the tail move down or up?

The plane follows the arc of the elevator and moves up when the elevators are up.

Is there such thing as a loft bed with an elevator?

yes, you have to make one your self. im assuming you mean a loft that can be suspended and lifted up?

What if the elevator is up in Pokemon so you can not get on?

You are never unable to use the elevator in Pokemon.

How do you fasten the ends of rope wire in elevator?

Elevator ropes are secured to the elevator with shackles.Older elevator shackles were made up with a roset witch is made up with melted lead babbit.Todays elevators use a wedge shackle....

How do you power up the elevator on steam works?

All you have to do is use the old steam battery to power up the elevator.

How do you get to go up the elevator in Mysim?

If you mean on MySims Wii, the elevator in the hotel, you can't go up it.