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If you are "permanently" muted, then there is no way to become unmuted. You should have just followed the rules and not gotten muted in the first place. They are very simple rules, and easy to follow. Now your only choices are to only talk with quick chat, or to start a new account. Hopefully you have learned your lesson.

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Q: How do you get unmuted if you are permanently muted on RuneScape?
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How do you get unmuted on lego universe?

Don't get muted in the first place.

How do you unmute a runescape account for the second time?

A combination of three things: # Do whatever you did to get unmuted the first time. # Stop doing whatever gets you muted in future. # Ask them nicely.

How do you get unmuted in RuneScape?

You wait until the mute expires. Asking to get unmuted will be a waste of time.

How do you unblock you from writing your own massages on runescape?

You may have broken a runescape rule in game, and for it got either temporarily muted or permanently muted, means you can't type anything. -Temporarily- You may have to wait between a day or a month before your allowed to type again -Permanently- You can't type ever again.

How you mute someone on Habbo?

You report them saying " (this) Person is personally bullying me, saying things about me. "

How do you talk if im muted on runescape?

If you are muted, than you can only talk with quick chat.

Runescape chat not working No letters come up How do i change it to normall?

There may be (2) reasons for this: 1: Check to see what world you are on, from from friend list and world select, it may be that you were on a quick chat world. 2: you have either been muted/permanently muted, in the case your perm muted you wont be able to speak again. :s

Why are you muted in RuneScape?

The reason you get muted in RuneScape is because if you get reported for offensive language use the Jagex mods/staff mute you for a number of days and you can only use quick chat.

How do you prevent getting muted on Runescape?

You will only get muted for a few things, and they are;Offensive language (Racist or Obscene)DiscriminationThreatsBullyingSpammingDon't do any of these, and you'll avoid getting muted.

Why cant you speak on runescape in 2009?

You can, but on some worlds it's quick-chat only, to be able to freely speak, you must switch to a non quick-chat world, quick chat was made so that players whom are muted or permanently muted have ways of speaking, but with more polite sentences, this is to avoid flaming, scamming and few other reasons they were muted as well.

How do you setup headbanger for mw3?

Make sure that when you talk, the mic next to your name lights up. If it does not, then make sure it is not muted. You can tell if it is muted because you will see a red light on the tip of it. If it is lit, it's muted. If it is unmuted and they still can't hear you, it is defective. Setting it up is as easy as plugging it in via USB to the back your Wii.

RuneScape - Why can't I talk?

If You can't talk in Runescape but you know you are not perm muted or muted, it's maybe because your on a quick-chat world where it's quick-chat only, simply change to a non-quick chat world and you will be ok.On the other hand...If you are permanently muted, you will not be able to speak on Runescape either for a very long time, or never again, this is a last resort from Jagex but they do commonly use it, this is sometimes followed by a ban then a perm ban.If you are just muted, then there will be a certain amount of days you will be muted for, when those days are up, you will be back to normal again, but further rule breaking will go up to a perm mute or a ban.Note: This is a capture-all question, since there always people asking why they can't talk in-game.