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(if cheats simply refer to as glitches+compu cheats =codes )there is one you see the number of bloons count them and type it in anywhere i mean aywhere and it will times that number by 200

and tar-dar more money wooo-hooo!!!!

or install cheat engine i dont download stuff and cheat engine is RUBBISH

NOTE:if found cool type in im cool and you get a bannana
you hack somebody with a boloon on your head

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Q: How do you get unlimited money on bloons tower defense 3?
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go on have fun

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Sandbox on Bloons Tower Defense 4 is where you can do whatever you want with unlimited money or health and you can send in any kind of bloon

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How do you get a supper monkey as soon as you start the game

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you cant bro or sis :( im lookin for it to :)

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bloons tower defense is a game from ninja

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There is a bloons tower defense 5

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Yes. people love bloons tower defense 3! that's why there is going to be a "bloons tower defense 4!!!!!!! I can't wait!

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