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Start up Sims 3. When you're at the Main Menu, when you choose which save you want to play, press CTRL + Shift + C all together. Then type ' testingcheatsenabled true '. Then press enter. Then choose what town/save file you'll play as. Once loaded, click on the sim you want to allocate points, go to the lifetime happiness panel and CRTL + Click between the picture of the treasure chest and the number of points you already have. It gives you 500 Lifetime points each time you click.

Note: If you don't type in the ' testingcheatsenabled true' at the main menu, it will not work.

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Q: How do you get unlimited lifetime points in the sims 3?
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How do you get the lifetime wish better fertility on the sims 3 ambitions?

Well, to get the lifetime wish fertility treatment on the Sims 3 Ambitions, you must have enough lifetime points. To do that you must either complete your sims lifetime wish or make their promises come true! You must at least have 10,000 lifetime points to get the fertility treatment. :)

Tips for getting lots of lifetime points in the sims 3?

If you give someone the trait "opurtunistic" they get more lifetime happiness points for everything they do than normal.

How do you get 40000 lifetime happiness points on sims 3?

Keep granting Sims wishes! 40,000 points comes a lot faster if you complete their life goal.

How can you change your sims lifetime wish in sims 3?

When you have lots life points you can purchase presents . one of them is to change your lifetime wish . [its icon is a mam who is thinking . Hope I help . . .

How can you have twins on sims 3 wii?

You can increase your chances of conceiving twins by purchasing the Fertility Treatment lifetime reward for 5,000 lifetime happiness points.

How do you change your sims lifetime wish in sims 3?

In between opportunities and needs click lifetime happiness, then click lifetime rewards, you will eventually find change lifetime wish, it will cost 10,000 lifetime happiness points which isn't a lot, then it will let you chose any lifetime wish you want, hope i helped :)

How do you get the pet hygienator in Sims 3?

Your pet will need to have 10,000 Lifetime Points saved up before you can purchase the Pet Hygienator from the Lifetime Rewards tab.

How do you get unlimited money in the Sims 3 Ambitions iPod Touch?

There is no way to get unlimited money in The Sims 3 Ambitions for the iPod Touch.

What happens when you complete all goals in sims 3 world adventures and sims 3 ambitions and sims 3 adventures?

well if your talking about the goals on your Sims things to do.... those give you points to purchase lifetime things like steel bladder and other things.. if you finish your lifetime goal you will get like 40,000 lifetime points or 30,000 somewhere around there hope this helps. :)

How do you have triplets on sims 3?

If you have 10000 lifetime happiness points, you can purchase the reward "fertility treatment" which increases the chance of twins or triplets.

How do you get the genie in sims 3?

You have to have Sims 3 Showtime installed, and you have to go to the Lifetime Rewards menu and you can buy the Dusty Old Lamp for 30,000 points. Then go to your inventory, click on the lamp, and select "rub the lamp"

What is the cheat code to get the ferility treatment on sims 3 for PC?

There is no cheat code. Its under the lifetime happiness panel, you click on lifetime happiness and fertility treatment is somewhere between 5000- 15000 lifetime happiness points i believe