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Umbreons don't evolve. To get an Umbreon you have to max your Eevee's happiness at NIGHT TIME (day time for Esporeon). You can raise its happiness by giving it a haircut in the Goldenrod underground passage, raising it a level, giving it vitamins (carbos, protein, etc.), not letting it faint and walking at least 256 steps. Go to the house above Goldenrod's Bike Shop or the old woman's house in Olivine to check your Eevee's happiness. If the lady in Goldenrod (not sure about the woman in Olivine) says "I get the feeling that it really trusts you", "It must love you a lot" or "It looks sort of happy" (Not sure about that one) then raise it a level and it should evolve.

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Q: How do you get umbreon to evolve on Pokemon Crystal?
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Can you evolve eevee into an umbreon in Pokemon Yellow?

no it cannot it can only evolve into jolteon, vaporeon, and flareon. it is not until gold, silver, and crystal that you can get umbreon and espeon.

How do you get umbreon in Pokemon Crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal, a player can obtain an Umbreon if they already have an Eevee. The Eevee must reach maximum happiness and be leveled up at night for it to evolve into an Umbreon. If it evolves during the day, it will turn into an Espeon.

What makes umbreon evolve in Pokemon?

Umbreon doesn't evolve!

How do you evolve an eevee into an umbreon on Pokemon Gale of Darkness?

You have to wait a while after you get to pick who evee will evolve into (umbreon) You have to wait a while after you get to pick who evee will evolve into (umbreon)

How do you get a moon shard in Pokemon Crystal?

You can only get the Shards in Pokemon XD. To evolve Espeon/Umbreon you must level them up during the daylight/night hours.

How do you evolve evee into umbreon in Pokemon emerald?

it depnds were u evolve it

How do you evolve an eevee into an umbreon in Pokemon white?

Evolve it at 12 pm

What is umbreon?

the moonlight Pokemon. when trying to evolve evee your clock must be towards night time. At 20 and up it will evolve ---------- -------------------------------------------------- Umbreon is the moonlight Pokemon that will evolve with friendship at night from eevee.

How do you evolve Eevee to Umbreon in Pokemon Heartgold?

To make Eevee evolve into an Umbreon, you have to level it up with high happiness at night.

What level does Eevee evolve into umbreon in Pokemon platinum?

Eevee doesn't have a set level to evolve into Umbreon. All you have to do to evolve it is max out its happiness at night. ~KKMG1

Where do you catch an umbreon in Pokemon platnium?

you can't, you have to max out eevee's happiness at night to evolve it into Umbreon.

At what level does pigeotto evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

In pokemon crystal Pigeotto evolve in 36lvl