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You can have up to 6 wizards in the game, but you can only play one at a time. To create more wizards, just log in and click Create.

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Q: How do you get two characters on wizard101?
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How do you get deleted characters back from wizard101?

Just get wizard101's email and keep bothering and emailing them until they give you back your wizard. It has to come back or be un-erased within 30 days or your wizard is gone.

What do you get when you cross two brave hounds on wizard101?

a brave hound

Any cheats for wizard101?

Wizard101 has stopped giving out as many promotional codes. You will not find them as frequently. There are only two out they are both expired though.

Is wizard101 evil?

No way. It's a fun and safe game for everyone and anyone to play. There are evil characters but no the game itself is not evil.

Does wizard101 have virus?

No, Wizard101 has no viruses if you install it from

Is wizard101 only for windows?

Wizard101 is for windows. But I believe you could get Wizard101 for Mac.

How do you change your characters clothes on Wizard101?

If you go to your backpack and click on the hat you will find alot clothes in your back pack very easy man LOL.

How do you fix wizard101?

Contact Wizard101 Support at: via email;;

Is there cheats for wizard101?

yes there are cheats for wizard101

Is wizard101 better then Club Penguin?

Wizard101 is better because their is nothing to do in Club Penguin, in Wizard101 you can fight moonsters and other wizard101 around the globe.

What are the last two bonus characters for Lego Batman?

The last two characters are the custom characters.

How many levels are in wizard101?

there are 80 levels on wizard101