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u need to get the booster card with 10 transfer points, but otherwise u cant get any.

hope this helped. :)

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Q: How do you get transfer points on fifa 10 wii battle for glory?
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How do you get transfer points on fifa 12 wii?

u get transfer points after u complete a season

How do you get transfer points on fifa 11 wii?

i was not sure but then i got a booster that said plus ten transfer points

Do different teams have different amounts of transfer points on fifa 12?

Of course

How do you get transfer market stars on fifa 10 wii?

Get a +10 points booster or wait till the end of the season.

How do you loan transfer on FIFA 11?

Sorry, you can only make a pernement transfer on Fifa 11

In FIFA 10 is there transfer updates?

Nope - only fifa 11

How To Get Skill Points Quickly On FIFA Street?

be good at fifa

Can you transfer your career from manager mode in fifa 10 to fifa 11?


How do you transfer messi on FIFA 11?

Messi wont transfer for me either.I am now in my second season with Inter Milan and i have a cheat which increases your club budget and weekly wages.I offered Barcelona 999.000.000 for him (okay I know his obviously not worth that much but i had a lot of money to flaunt!) Barcelona accepted this and then I offered weekly wages 40.000.000 a week!! And 20% bonus for every goal he scored!! And then he declined!! So if he wont sign for that im preety sure he wont sign for anyone else! If anyone does sign him please tell me!

How do you transfer players on FIFA 11?

If you talking about Fifa in General, Then no. However, in 'Ultimate Team' you can build your own squad and buy and sell players to strengthen your team. This can be done by going to the 'Transfer Market' and searching your player. You can also buy Fifa packs with your coins or Fifa Points (£) which contain random players ad consumables!

How do you transfer football players in FIFA football 2004?

Seriously who still plays Fifa 04?

Do fifa 15's transfer market the same on pc playstation and xbox?

FIFA 15's transfer market is the same on PC playstation and Xbox.