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You have to buy them at a store in real life, And enter the code that comes with it at the code shop!!!

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Q: How do you get torn jeans on Webkinz?
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How do you make torn on webkinz?

jigul jigul

Who on Webkinz will trade me the purple Webkinz which hat and 2 wacky jeans for the Webkinz jingle elf hat?

i wont.

What is the recipe for the groovy retro jeans on webkinz?

Cuffed Jeans Chalk Flower Top Rainbow Boots Thank me by adding me on Webkinz! User: Ashmanda3243

Who will trade me shuts for torn spins and signature psi on webkinz?

There is no item called "shuts" on Webkinz World.

How do you get shuts on Webkinz?

on webkinz, you get shuts by buying a t-shirt. when you put in the code at the code shop, it lets you pick what outfit you want. if you'd like shuts, pick the rock outfit. it also comes with rock jacket, torn jeans, and rock boots. but, of course, you CAN trade for it, but barely anyone trades them and when they do they try to rip you off.

How do you get shuts or torn on webkinz?

Buy a T-shirt and it gives you an option of outfits (shuts and torn are in a rock star outfit) Hope this helped

What to wear with blond hair?

Light blue shirt with torn jeans!

How do you make webkinz groovy retro jeans?

I actually know. It is chalk flower top, cuffed jeans and rainbow boots. :) Try it, it works :)

Secrets to the clothing machine on webkinz?

green layered tee, purple layeredtee, jeans.

What is worth more on webkinz wacky jeans or elf hat?

the jelly beans are the bigger thing

How do you make red rock jeans on webkinz?

You can't make Red Rock Jeans; you can however buy them at the Kinzstyle Outlet (if you get a real life costume and enter the code).

How can you tell which words are possessive?

They have an apostrophe: Taylor's jeans are torn. The cats' scratching post is worn out