How do you get torkoal in platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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After obtaining the national pokedex go to route 227, stark mountain and use your poke radar.

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Q: How do you get torkoal in platinum?
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What are buck's Pokémon in Pokemon Platinum?

Shuckle, Dusknoir, Torkoal, Umbreon, and Claydol.

Where can you find a Torkoal in platinum?

i think near or at stark mtn i have seen one there on diamond so im sure theyre on platinum

Pokemon Platinum what are bucks Pokemon?

in the battlegruond buck has Shuckle Umbreon Dusknoir Torkoal Claydol

What do you do to find torkoal in Pokemon Platinum?

first, you need a Pokemon searcher, and something to catch it with. Go to the volcano, but don't go inside. use the Pokemon searcher until you see a torkoal. Good luck!

In Pokemon ruby does torkoal evolve?

No, Torkoal is not capable of evolving further.

How do you evolve torkoal?

If I remember correct, Torkoal does not evolve

What level does torkoal evolve?

sorry, torkoal does not evolve.

What type of Pokemon is Torkoal?

Torkoal is a Fire type pokemon.

Where do you catch a torkoal in soul silver?

You can catch a Torkoal in the Safari Zone.

Is torkoal better than vulpix?

yes, torkoal is better than vulpix

Can torkoal evolve?

no it cant evolve just like the legendary cant

How do you get Torkoal in Pokemon Emerald?

You can find Torkoal in Fiery Path or the Team Magma Hideout.