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1) Get someone to use the spell "Tele Group Waterbirth Island" to tele-other you to Waterbirth Island.
2) Go to Rellekka and talk to the man at the dock for him to take you to Waterbirth Island.
3) Cast the spell "Tele Group Waterbirth Island" or "Teleport Waterbirth Island" yourself. Completion of the Lunar quests are required for this spell to be cast.
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Q: How do you get to waterbirth island in runescape?
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How do you get to waterbirth island on runescape?

The simplest way of getting to waterbirth island is to talk to Jarvald standing on the west most dock in Rellekka. If you have not completed the quest "The Fremennik Trials" you will also need 1k for travel.

Where are rock crabs in runescape?

rock crabs are in freminnk province at the north part of relleka and on waterbirth island there is also a part of giant rock crabs on waterbirth doungoun and in chaos tunnels.

How do you get to dagnoths on RuneScape?

you can either go there from the watchtower (watchtower quest needed) or you can travel from waterbirth island which you can catch a boat from releka.there are also dragonoths in the wilderness dungeon after a rift and find your way arround.

How is RuneScape played?

You learn how to play Runescape, in the tutorial island at the beginning.

Where is huop in RuneScape?

near tutorial island

What happens when you die on tutorial island in runescape?

its impossible to die on tutorial island

Where are rock crabs on RuneScape?

Rock Lobsters are found in Waterbirth Island Dungeon's fifth sublevel, room 16.Note: They are disguised as Giant Rocks, and they attack when a player is nearby, they hit a max hit of 11 at a speed of Throwing Darts.

What is scaperune?

Scaperune is an island that is the exact opposite of Runescape.

What island is the information clerk talking about on runescape?

Either Tutorial Island or Karumja Island and beyond (member's area).

How long does Runescape tutorial island usually take?

If you just started RuneScape maybe 30 minutes and if you already have a RuneScape account 7 minutes minimum.

How do you get to the woodcutting island in runescape?

It's off the peninsula of Daemonheim.

How do you get to tutorial island in RuneScape?

As of the update that made the quest Learning the Ropes into the new tutorial, Tutorial Island is inaccesible to all characters. The only place it is still present is Runescape Classic.