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to make it easy, bring 2 to 5 max repels and get the HM defog use a max repel and you will use defog a couple times and just walk up the stairs for each floor.

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Q: How do you get to the top of salaceon ruins?
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What is in the pokeball at the top of Salaceon ruins?

it is a pokeball (bor-ING!)

What is Pokemon number 114 on Pokemon Pearl?

# 114 is the Unkown, they can be found in the Salaceon Ruins in Salaceon Town.

How do you get to salaceon ruins in Pokemon diamond?

first you go to silicone city then you go into a cave wich is silicone ruins

Where do you find defog in Pokemon platinum?

salaceon town ruins where you find the unown

How do you get a seal case in Pokemon platnium?

talk to little boy in salaceon ruins. go to his house his mom gives u a seal case

In Pokemon dymand what do the words say in the Salaceon Ruins?

there made out of carved unown in the wall each unown look like a letter or it should anyway

Where do you find the fire stone in Pokemon diamond?

go to the salaceon ruins and go down or up the wronge stairs and there wil be a rock go to the front and press A and there will be a thunder stone or a fire stone OR a water stone

Where do you get a day care app in platinum?

After you have the first four Gym Badges, you go to the day care center(In Salaceon town, the town with the ruins)and there will be a man sitting in the chair in the bottom left corner. Talk to him and he will give it to you.HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!

Where are clifftop ruins Wii island flyover?

The Cliffside Ruins are at the top of the cliff near the Mysterious Ruins.

What can you do by the solacen ruins?

you can get deoxys forms and at the top of the solcean ruins you could a TM but you need defog

What do you do to go to the ice berg ruins?

Hi there, There is no Ice Berg Ruins. But, on the map there is an Iceberg on the top right corner.

What is the item on top of the solaceon ruins?

the item over the entrance to the solaceon ruins (the unown place) is a rare candy