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the secret entrance is right under the bridge. you can't see it but it's there.

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Q: How do you get to the secret room in wayward cave to find gible on pearl?
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What do you do in wayward cave in Pokemon pearl?

you run along the walls until you find gible, or if its not the secret entrance, you go deep into the cave and find gible

Where can you find a gible in Pokemon Pearl?

in a cave under the bridge by wayward cave on pearl

Is gible found in a cave?

Yes. Gible is found in Wayward Cave, which is the secret cave under the Cycling Road.

What route is gible the Pokemon on in Pokemon Pearl?

Wayward Cave

How do you get gibite on Pokemon pearl?

there is a secret entrance near wayward cave, enter it and you should be able to find gible after some time. You need to evolve gible to get gabite

Where do you find a gible on Pokemon pearl?

Wayward Cave on route 216

What rare Pokemon can you find in the wayward cave in Pokemon pearl?

A rare Pokemon to get in Wayward Cave and totally worth while in my opinion is Gible. Gible is the 'baby' version of Garchomp.

How do you catch a garcomp on pearl?

You must get gible in the secret cave, lv up to 24 (for gabite) then to lv 48 and you have a garchomp! (The secret cave's under cycling road near wayward cave. There will be a hidden path leading to it.)

How do you get gible on Pokemon pearl?

go to wayward cave b1f near oreburgh city

What time do you catch gible?

At anytime in wayward cave. I think only at the secret entrance.

Do gible live in wayward cave?

yes but only under the bridge in the secret entrance

Were can you catch a Gible on Pokemon Pearl?

To obtain a Gible on Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, go to the secret place at Wayward Cave, which is under the cycling bridge, just walk around till you encounter one! It's not very complexional at all.