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Go into a difficulty setting that you've completed (example, you've completed normal, so you go to normal). Go to Tristram and find 'Wirts Leg'. Put it in the horadric cube in town with a tomb on town portal and a red portal will appear to the Secret Cow level.

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Q: How do you get to the secret cow level in Diablo 2?
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How do you make cow portals in diablo 2 lord of destruction?

The cow level is accessed by transmuting Wirt's Leg with a Book of Town portal, using the Horadric Cube.

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Where to find Tyrael's Might Sacred Armor in diablo 2?

Almost all unique items are dropped randomly. If you want a decent chance for it, go to the secret cow level or do baalruns repeatedly. Mephisto might also drop it. Best get your magic find up to about 50% though so that you have about 6% chance more to get it. I personally found one in a freaking barrel in the cloister o_O.

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There are no torches in Diablo 2

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The faster you run around and kill stuff the faster you will level. There is no way to speed up the time in which it takes to level up legitly, but you can get something to edit diablo 2 profiles so you will be higher level. That ruins the fun of the game though. I say just play though the game and do the quests.

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Annihilus is a charm dropped by Uber Diablo on Diablo 2. To get the item, you will have to kill him first.