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first you go to the fifth floor of the building and find the key card. then you go to the third floor and you walk left then down first door on your left you use the card key then go onto the teleporter and you appear on floor nine i think then you have to fight your rival. after that don't go into the other teleporter until you talk to the guy in the room he will give you a lapras (you have to have an empty space he is lv30) then you go in the teleporter and you will be on the level you fight Giovanni and a grunt beat them then talk to the president and you will get the master ball (save it for mewtwo which you get later).

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Q: How do you get to the president of silph co in FireRed?
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Is there a master ball in FireRed?

yes you can get it at the president of silph co.

How do you get master ball in firered?

The president of silph co gives it to you after beating giovanni.

How do you make a masterball on Pokemon firered?

you cant but u get it from the Silph Co. president.

Where to get masterball in Pokemon FireRed version?

The president of silph co will give you one.

Where do you get the Silph Scope in Firered?

you get it in silph co

Masterball Pokemon FireRed?

You can get a Master Ball at Silph Co. from the Silph Co. President after you beat Giovanni.

Where is silph co on pokkemon FireRed?

Silph co is the very large building in saffron city.

Where do you get masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Silph co.

Where is Silph Co in FireRed?

Saffron City

Pokemon FireRed how to get through silph co?

In Pokemon FireRed you have to get through Silph Co to continue. To get through it, you need to be able to beat 31 trainers.

How do you get a master ball without cheating in Pokemon FireRed version?

you have to save the president of silph co. to get the master ball.

From where can you buy master balls in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't. You get only one from the president after beating Giovanni at the Silph Co. building.