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There aren't portal masters or anything called Linion on Evony...

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Q: How do you get to the portal masters in Linion?
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Can you make a linion 2 please?

The guy who created Linion is making linion 2, although its been like 2 years

What do you do in linion RPG?

You battle enemies and buy stuff and you travel the land of linion

Is linion 2 out?


What time will linion 2 come out?

Never unfortunately, after an organization site took over the official linion website, it is highly unlikely its gonna come out.

When will linion 2 come out?

Unfortunately its has been canceled due to some problems since the linion website as been bought by an organization company .It is high likely that its not going to come out.

How do you get pass silva forest in linion?

You keep going northeast (up and right) (^ and >)

What masters courses are being offered at University of Abuja?

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How can you hack linion RPG?

Load the undefined file then right-click and rewind.When you trying to put you attack.You will learn all Spells.

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What is a commercial portal?

commercial portal is a portal of commercials ....

What is a portal exit?

A portal is a hole. A portal exit is where you exit out of the hole. A portal entrance is where you enter into the hole.

Do you need portal PC to play portal prelude?

You need to buy Portal in order to play the mod Portal: Prelude.