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The default control to open your inventory is the E key

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Q: How do you get to the item selection on minecraft?
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What are all of the item ids in Minecraft?

Minecraft's Item ID's can be found on Minecraft Wiki. Link in related links.

Can you take one item from a minecraft mod?

No, you can't take one item from a Minecraft mod unless there is a separate mod which contains that one item.

What is the item id for a diamond pick in minecraft?

The item ID for a diamond pick in Minecraft is 278. I have linked you below in the related links of a full list of all the ID's in Minecraft.

What is the hottest item on earth?


Do you get a item if you destory a monster spawner in minecraft?


What is the item number for TNT in minecraft?


How do you change item names in minecraft?

You can't.

How do you make carpet on Minecraft?

there is no "carpet" item/block in minecraft, but people use different colored wool as carpet for minecraft.

Were is a quarry for Minecraft in the item collection?

There are no quarry blocks in Minecraft. Those are added by Buildcraft, a mod.

How do you place an item on Minecraft?

you right click on a block

What is the item id for diamond in minecraft 1.3.1?

The item id for diamond in 1.3.1 is 264. If you want to see all data values and ids in Minecraft go to the link below.

How do you place item's in Minecraft on the computer?

right mouse click