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you go up on top and keep running until you get warp pipe and go to the flag on level 3

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Q: How do you get to the first cannon in new Super Mario Brothers Wii?
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What was the first Mario game with bowser?

The first Mario game with Bowser was Super Mario Brothers.

When was Super Mario brothers invented?

The Mario brothers were first seen in 1983 in the arcade game Mario Bros. Mario was "invented" before Luigi and first showed up in the game Donkey Kong in 1981. The Super Mario Bros. first came up in late 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Where do you find mini Mario in Super Mario Brothers ds?

You first get him at 1-3 mini mushroom!?!?

Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3 which one should you get?

Super Mario Bros. 3 is genius. If you really get into it, I personally would rather play it then any other ps3 or xbox game. It was by far the first really good game for its age.

Is Super Mario Brothers 2 good or bad?

I guess its good. Its the first Mario Bros. where you can choose Toad and Peach...

Name the first film ever in history to be adapted from a video game?

Super Mario Brothers

How do you get the first coin in Super Mario Brothers world 2-2?

In Soviet Russia, coin gets you!

Where can you download Super Mario Brothers 3D?

if you mean super mario 3d land , its not out yet!!! IT COMES OUT NOV. 8 2011!!!! but if you mean the first super mario bros, get it on wii ware ,dsi ware ,or nintendo E shop

What was Mario's first name before he became Mario?

The game that Mario officially became Mario, was supposed to be in his original game Donkey Kong, (Where in the game he was called Jumpman because Donkey Kong was the first ever game to have a jump button) But he was officially named Mario in his original Classic, Super Mario Bros for the NES.

Should I get Super Mario brothers 1 or Super Mario brothers 3?

Tough question really, both are great. But just to break the tension, play SMB1 first. (It's pure classic and the video game that saved the video game industry)

How old is pauline from Mario?

When did the first Mario game come come out? Like the first one that was an arcade game. Right after Super Mario Brothers 1, Mario decided to cheat on Pauline. Now it's Princess Peach.

Is there a Christian band or artist that does the Super Mario Brothers theme song?

lol No. I don't think so. But you can be the first one!