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Search Roblox Studio in your programs and use that and click your place with "Edit".

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Q: How do you get to the edit place in roblox?
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Why can't i get on roblox studio anymore?

Because ROBLOX Changed. You have to get on it by the start menu then type ROBLOX Studio, then go to your place and press edit/build.

How do you get into the BTOOL mode of roblox?

If you mean 'Build Mode', find your place and click Build or Edit.

How do start Edit mode on roblox?

Open ROBLOX studio, Find your profile, the edit button is on your places.

Where is the edit profile button on Roblox?

Go to my roblox and select account

In Roblox how do you create your own map like the other guys do?

Well if you mean a place nr1 put on Roblox Studio nr2 go to My Roblox nr3 press Places nr4 there if u don't have a place already push Create new Place nr5 Press edit (skip nr4 if you have a place)

How do you edit a script on roblox?

Go into one of ur games in roblox studio.

How do you edit a group place on roblox?

I don't think u can...i think u have to be an admin or owner of tht group so...

How do you hack R on Roblox?

There is no way to hack to give yourself Robux on Roblox. Any attempt to hack the roblox database and edit your money is likely to fail and may result in a permanent ban from Roblox. It is against the terms of service and should not be attempted in the first place.

Where is edit profile on roblox?

First, you log onto Roblox. Next, you click "My Roblox". Finally, click "Profile", and your there!

How do you change your game's name on roblox?

First make sure you are logged in and click My Roblox. Second click "places" on the top toolbar. Click edit on the place you want the change the name of. From there you will be able to change the name and description of your place.

Is there a program that can edit roblox guis So you can make guis and then put them in roblox?

Yes, the Roblox studio itself lets you edit GUIs. You can't edit the offical Roblox GUIs which are baked into the system, but you can make your own GUIs and edit GUIs that others have created. You can start by clicking insert --> object --> ScreenGui. Then put additional GUI objects into the new ScreenGui.

How do you make it night in your place on roblox?

To make your place look like night first open your place in roblox studio (edit or build mode work) then find the part in it called Lighting and from there you can edit the configuration settings in it to make it look like night. to make it night just edit the setting called TimeOfDay in the lighting's settings to the required time you want. hope this helps if not just send me a message (no spamming tho)