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There are two ways to get into the Distortion World.

Way#1: Once you beat the seventh gym, you need to go to Veilstone city and beat up Cyrus and Saturn. Real easy. Then, Cyrus will say that he's going to Mt. Cornet to create his new world. Okay, so you need to go to the Spear Pillar now. There are many ways to get there: Hearthrome, Orburgh and Celestic. If you don't want to have to use rock smash, do through Celestic. The TM's you WILL need are:



>Rock Climb

>Defog (optional it helps but not nessecary xD)

After beating up a whole whack of grunts, you get to spear pillar. You need to beat up Mars and Jupiter in a double battle, your rival on your side. It's not that hard if you have a fighting Pokemon. :D After that, your rival will heal your Pokemon and then you need to battle Cyrus. Helps alot if you have a fire/fighting and a electric. His Pokemon are:

Honchkrow- Real easy to knock out if you have an electric Pokemon

Gyarados- What a pain in the @$$! He has high attack and defense, eventually kill him with your electric Pokemon. I hope they have good acuraccy. =X

Weavile- Super easy if you have a fighting Pokemon. Fire will do too.

Crobat- If you have an Empoleon send it out. Crobat likes the moves Cross Poison and Poison Fang, and Empoleons good cause poison doesn't affect him. >:D

Once you beat all his Pokemon, my fav cut scene is next. WOOT! GO GIRATINA! xD The legendary Pokemon will snatch Cyrus and take him into the Distortion World. Then, when the cut scene is over, a portal will be in front of you. Cynthia arrives (great timing huh?) And talks for a bit. Then, you both jump into the portal.

That is one way.

Way#2: This way is a bit more of a pain. You need to have beaten the Elite Four, and then on route 216, there will be a small path on the far right hand side of the path. Go there. That place is called Spring Path, which leads to Sendoff Spring and Turnback Cave. Turnback cave is a pain in the @$$. If you don't get to the deepest part of the cave in a number of secs/mins, then next door you go through you will be back at the beginning. Once you get to the deepest part, there is the item Griseous Orb (turns giratina orgin form without being in the distortion world, must be held), and a portal to the distortion world. You can't come here before you beat the Elite Four because Cynthia is blocking your way into the cave.

Hope this helps! =D =D =D =D

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Q: How do you get to the distortion world in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get in the distortion world in Pokemon Pearl?

No, only in Pokemon Platinum do you get the distortion world.

Where is the distortion in Pokemon Pearl version?

The Distortion World is exclusive to Pokemon Platinum.

Where is gartena in Pokemon platinum?

It is at Distortion World.

Where do you get guaritina in Pokemon platinum?

DisToRtIOn WoRLd

How can you catch girantia in Pokemon platinum?

You get it in the distortion world

Where do you get rare Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

in the distortion world i guess you can also get it underground

Are there any other Pokemon in distortion world except Giratina in Pokemon platinum?


On Pokemon platinum how do you get in of the distortion world?

When You Go To Spear Pillar.

Pokemon platinum how to find giritina?

you have to beat Cyrus in the distortion world

Where do you find Giratina from in Pokemon platinum?

You can find Giratina in the Distortion World.

Can you go to the distortion world on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Sorry, but you can't. If you really DO want to go there, you have to get Pokemon platinum.

What worlds are there in Pokemon Platinum?

well, the Pokemon world, Sinnoh region, and giratina's home, the distortion world.