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To get to the boss at Silph Co in FireRed: 1. Take the elevator to the 5th floor

2. Take a left and fight the trainer.

3. Head downward until you meet the next trainer, fight him.

4. Step on the teleporter but once you reach where it takes you step of the teleporter then step back on it, this will get you past the trainer on the fifth floor and let you get down that hallway to the key card.

5. Now get back down to the third floor via the elevator you will have to do the teleporter trick again.

6. Take a slight right out of the elevator and fight the trainer.

7. Go to the first doorway on the left and use your newly acquired key card to get into the room.

8. Get on the first teleporter, but be ready you will be fighting your rival on the other end of this teleport.

9. Once you are done fighting your annoying rival go to the next teleporter in the room, it will take you to the 11th floor.

10. head down the hallway, and deal with the trainer.

11. use the key card to get into the room with Giovanni.

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Q: How do you get to the boss at silph co in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Silph co.

Pokemon FireRed how to get through silph co?

In Pokemon FireRed you have to get through Silph Co to continue. To get through it, you need to be able to beat 31 trainers.

How do you gain entry into silph co on Pokemon FireRed?

First you have to beat the Team Rocket boss in blah blah blah.

Pokemon FireRed earthquake?

That TM is found in Silph Co.

Where is silph co in Pokemon FireRed?

The largest building in Saffron City...

Pokemon FireRed focus punch?

You can find it in Silph Co. on 5F.

How do you get to the top of silph co in Pokemon firered?

Use the portals or the elevator.

How do you get in silph co on Pokemon firered?

easy saffron city from scarlett master of pokemon

How do you get into the silph tower in Pokemon FireRed?

The Silph Co. building is located in Saffron City. Walk into the entrance to get in.

How do you catch in sliph co in Pokemon firered?

You go to the game corner in the town with the department store, then in the back right corner there is a poster and you press a on it, it will open up a secret door which is team rockets base. defeat their boss in there then you can o to silph co. At silph co the boss is there again and when you defeat him you get the masterball

How do you get a card key in Pokemon FireRed?

Its on the 5th floor in the Silph. Co. building.

How do you make a masterball on Pokemon firered?

you cant but u get it from the Silph Co. president.