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Follow These Steps To Enter The Battle Frontier

#1:Have strong Pokemon like in the 60s/50s

#2:Have some potions like (super) potions

#3:Make sure you have beaten the following gym leaders-Falkner,Bugsy,Whitney,Morty,Chuck,Jasmine,Pryce,Clair.

#4:Make sure you beaten-Will,Koga,Bruno,and Karen

#5:I have never been to the Battle Frontier (don't ask me why im answering becuz Im right)

#6:The Battle Frontier is now opened

Go to Olivine City, go west... Then go into the "green thingey" apparently there is a sleeping man in it, so u can´t go in it... U need 2 beat Pokemon league and then u can go into the "green thingey"... and u can reach Battle Frontier!

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Q: How do you get to the battle frontier in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where is sky attack in Pokemon HeartGold?

Battle frontier

Is there a battle frontier in Pokemon FireRed?

No, the Battle Frontier can only be found in Emerald, Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Where to get aerial ace in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get Aerial Ace by buying it at the Battle Frontier.

Do you go to the battle frontier after you beat the elite four in Pokemon ruby?

There is no Battle Frontier in Ruby. Only in Emerald, Patinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

How do you get in the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Heartgold and SoulSilver?

It's situated to the north of route 40

How do you unlock the battle frontier in heartgold?

beat the Pokemon league and go back to the entrance

How do you get the razor fang in pokemon heartgold?

the only way i know is by buying it for 48 battle points at the battle frontier

How do you get rollout in Pokemon HeartGold?

You must buy Rollout from a move tutor in the Battle Frontier (32B.P.).

Where can you find razor claw in Pokemon HeartGold?

You'll need to buy it at the Battle Frontier with BP.

Where is Frontier Front in Pokemon HeartGold?

as far as i am cocerned there is no frontier front in heartgold

Can Charizard learn Outrage in Pokemon?

Yes. you can take it to the battle frontier and have someone teach it outrage for Pokemon heartgold/ soulsilver

Do items like berries in Pokemon HeartGold become reusable in every battle after being eaten or used with Fling in the Battle Frontier like the items do in Pokemon Battle Revolution?