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There's not really a Halloween Party.

It's a virtual Haunted Mansion, meaning you don't get to go inside. Instead, Moshi Monsters has various games, happenings, and possibly a Super Moshi Mission, all related to the Halloween Party.

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2011-10-06 06:06:01
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Q: How do you get to the Haunted Mansion on Halloween on moshi monsters?
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Moshi Monsters - How do you get into the haunted forest?

There isn't a Haunted Forest on Moshi Monsters but their is a haunted Diamond tiara you can get that by the bar under nieth the log in and type in the bar 33R3HDHD8T6YAdd me on Moshi Monsters my user name is thomk061

Where is goose bump manor on moshi monsters?

goose bump manor is the haunted castle in monstro city

Where is the door that leads to the dungeon on moshi monsters mission 7?

all the way to the left in the haunted mansion, the big pink thing.

Where is Growl Mansion on Moshi Monsters?

Growl Mansion appears in Super Moshi Missions. It is where Simon Growl lives. On the Moshi Monsters Map, Growl Mansion has been renamed to Goosebump Manor.

Where is the goosebump manor in moshi monsters?

where growl mansion is

How on Moshi Monsters do you get to the haunted house?

you have to be a member to get the haunted house

When will it be Halloween on Moshi Monsters?

It will be on the 31st of October as usual.

Can you get Halloween decorations for your monster in Moshi Monsters?

On Halloween Same at twistmas(Christmas )

What is the haunted house on the map on moshi monsters?

The Haunted House is part of a Super Moshi Mission, Season 1, Mission 8: Spooktacular Spectacular. You have to be a paid Moshi Monsters member to do the mission and go to the house.

On moshi monsters will the Halloween clothes go out of the shops afetr Halloween?

Yes. Yes it will

How do you get the hallawen moshling?

There isn't a Halloween Moshling in Moshi Monsters.

Where is the clog in growl mansion om moshi monsters?

under the tree

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