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This is the same for any version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The sound test is in the options menu.

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Q: How do you get to sound test on sonic 2 on sonic mega collection?
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Were can I Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects?

Solution 1 On "Sonic tedgehog mega collection plus" for the xbox, on sonic 2, 3, or sonic and knuckles you can go to a sound test and play all the music on the games. TIP: On Sonic 2, the sound test is already there but on sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles you need to enter a code. Solution 2 If you don't own "Sonic tedgehog mega collection plus" for the xbox, go onto it has all the music to all the sonic games including sound affects. TIP: There's a really good website for sonic the hedgehog info. It's called

Is there a sound test in knuckles in sonic 2?


How do you get sound test in sonic CD for GameCube?

I have Sonic Gems Collection and on Sonic CD I did down down down left right A but press B on the controller unless you changed the buttons but you have to do it quickly for it to work it should go on it's own after you press A I think you have to press them before Sonic turns around

In sonic 2 in mega collection how do you become super sonic with a code with the sounds?

Go on sonic 2, then options. (press sown twice at main menu) At sound test play the folowing sounds in this order: 19, 65, 9, 17. After that you will hear the sound of a ring. Hold a and press start and it will restart the game. At the main menu, this time hold a and press start. You will now be in level select. In level select go to sound test and play sounds: 4, 1, 2, 6 . Then you will hear the ring sound again. Next choose which level you want to start on, and highlight it. Hold a and press start. When you get 50 rings, jump then press jump again while in mid-air. Tadaaaa! Or you can use debug for even death egg!!!!!!!!!

What cheats are there for Sonic Mega Collection on PS2?

Level select in Sonic the hedgehog 3: Go to Mushroom Hill where you see the thing that makes you go up by pressing X, then press left 3 times, right 3 times, up 3 times, pause and square and you will be taken to the title screen. Then hold square and press start and you will be taken to the level select. There you can pick any level, including the bonus stages or even the sound test.

Will mega clean work for a urine test?

Does mega clean work for swab test

How do you get the sonic the hedgehog 2 options screen sega mega drive?

when your on the title screen kepp goin down from the list then go past 2players mode and options should be there. wiv options you can change the 2player items,choose wether you want to be sonic alone,tails alone or sonic and tails. there also sond test, u can listen to all the sounds and music in the game. i know a thew cheats and im gona tell you them since im so kind:) options, sound test, play 19,65,09, start to return to the title screen. hold down the 'A' button and press start and you get the stage select screen. On the stage select screen,there should be another sound test. play04,01,02,06 a chime should comefirm the cheat, select any stage, collect 50 rings, jump and you will turn into super sonic.

How can you go to Level Select in Sonic Classic Collection?

Sonic The Hedgehog: After it says Sonic Team Presents, at the start of the game, Press: Up, Down, Left, Right, Y + Start and you can choose any level. Sonic 2:There is none. Sonic The Hedgehog 3:At the drum beat hurry and press up up down down up up up.Go down twice and you will see sound test. Sonic and Knuckles: Start Mushroom Hill Zone as Sonic. Head right until you come to the first Pull-Up machine. Jump and hang on it. Then, Press Left, Left, LEFT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT UP UP UP then get a game over at where you select sonic or knuckles hold Y+START THEN CHOOSE A LEVEL (THE NUMBERS ARE SONIC TAILS AND KNUCKLES) That's how you go to Level Select in Sonic Classic Collection. (Note: If I got some thing not right improve my answer)

Sonic test run 2?

yes you right sonic test run 2 and its in the second page

Hidden Palace In Sonic 2?

Hidden Palace is a deleted stage, it can be played in a certain version of Sonic 2 by entering cheats into the sound test. But the level is incomplete and has no exit without one being made with debug mode.

TIG weld Testing Techniques How do you test TIG welding on a CuNi Pipe section?

One method is Ultra Sonic Sound, another Die Penetration.

Is there a code for super sonic in the sonic genesis games?

i only know how to do it in sonic 2 and you can get it without action replay, gameshark etc. do 19, 65, 09, 17 in sound test in options to unlock the level select menu then press start on sound test to exit out of options. and when the title screen comes up again keep the A button pressed down on 1 player and press start. now youre on the level select menu. you'll see another sound test option. do 04 02 01 06 in order to get all emeralds. then select a stage, collect 50 rings, jump and off you go!!