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you go through hearthome city and it will be the umcoming one in the next town........

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Q: How do you get to pastoria city in Pokemon Pearl?
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On Pokemon Pearl where is the Pokemon manshin?

Between pastoria city and hearthome city.

Where is gym 4 in Pokemon Pearl?

pastoria city

Where is the great marsh on Pokemon pearl?

It is in Pastoria City

How do you find the safari zone on Pokemon pearl?

in Pastoria city

How do you find pastoria gym on Pokemon pearl?

you have to beat maylene then go to pastoria city and look for the gym building

Where is the forth gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

Crasher Wake is in Pastoria City.

Where do yo go to find the place with the marsh in Pokemon pearl?

pastoria city.

Where is the ribbon house in Pokemon platinum?

Same as in Pearl and Diamond, Pastoria City.

Where do you buy ultra balls in Pokemon pearl?

You can buy them in the Pokemart in Pastoria City

Where do you get burmy in Pokemon Pearl?

a hunny tree near pastoria city and floraoma

Where is the fourth gym in Pokemon pearl?

you have to go to pastoria city then go down from the Pokemon center and turn left.

Where is the move brine in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokèmon Pearl, you receive the TM Brine after you defeat Crasher Wake in Pastoria City.