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get the pokeflute and go south from lavender town. you"ll have to use the pokeflute on a snorelax. after you fight the snorelax keep going south until you reach fuchsia

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Q: How do you get to fuchsia in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is the fifth gym Pokemon Yellow?

Fuchsia city.

How do you get Gyarados in Pokemon Yellow?

Fish with a super rod in Fuchsia City.

How do I get the super rod in Pokemon Yellow?

you go to fuchsia city its near the pokecenter

On Pokemon Yellow how do you get surf?

HM03 Surf can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.

Where is the six badge in Pokemon Yellow?

it is in the south of Fuchsia City. the gym leader is Koga.

Where do i hand the gold teeth to on Pokemon Yellow?

The Safari Zone Warden, in his house in the southern part of Fuchsia City.

Where is fushion city in Pokemon Emerald?

Do you mean Fuchsia City? It cannot be found in Emerald. If you want specifically go to Fuchsia City yoy need to play Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold or SoulSilver

Where do you push the boulders to get through victory road on Pokemon Yellow?

you need hm strenght you can get it at fuchsia city safari zone

How do you get surf on Pokemon Yellow version for GBC?

go to the hut at the end of of the Safari Zone in Fuchsia city. he will give you surf.

Where are all the HMS in Pokemon Yellow?

HM01-Cut in SS.Anne HM02-Fly in Route 16 HM03-Surf in Fuchsia City - Safari Zone HM04-Strength in Fuchsia City HM05-Flash in Route 2

What color matches with fuchsia?

White, bright yellow, and navy all go well with fuchsia.

How do you get to fuchsia city on Pokemon HeartGold?

you have to go through cycling road to get to fuchsia city