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You can't, you must have Surf.

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2009-08-09 23:30:42
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Q: How do you get to fortree city without surf?
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How do you get to fortree city on Pokemon emerald without surf?

You can't. You must have Surf.

Where do you go in Pokemon Ruby after you get Surf?

After you get Surf in Pokémon Ruby, you'll have to head to Fortree City which means you'll have to make it back to Mauville City first and then head on your way to Fortree City.

How do you go to fortree city in pokemon emerald?

From mauville city go east and use surf then go north keep going until you reach fortree city.

How can you get a leaf stone in emerald?

If you surf down from Fortree City, you will find one.

Where to go after you beat Normon on ruby?

Surf east of mauville city then travel north to fortree city

How do you get from mauville to fortree city in sapphire?

To do this you will need surf. # Go to the right of mauville city surf across the little passage # Get in the grass and go UP simple

What is the gym after the fifth gym leader in emerald?

The sixth gem is with Leader Winona in Fortree city. You need surf to get to that city. You get surf from Wally's dad after you beat the fifth gym. You surf there from Mauville.

How do you get on fortree city on Pokemon emerald?

OK, Once you get to Mauville City (if you know how to get there) surf across route 118 and head all the way up route 119 and on your right should be Fortree City.

How do you get to Fortree city when you are in Mauville without goggles in Pokemon ruby?

How many badges do you have? you need five to get to Fortree

How can you get from lavaridge town to fortree town in Pokemon ruby?

You have to get surf after beating Norman (In Petalburg City) and surf east from Mauville City and follow Route 119 North/East and you're there.

What do you do after you defeat dad in Pokemon Ruby?

go to mauville city and use surf on the righ side of mauville until you reach fortree city

What do you do when you beat the gym in lavaridge town in Pokemon emerald?

go to your dads gym at Petalburg city and beat him to get surf from you friends dad than you surf around places or go to fortree city.

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