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First you need to start at Mauville City. Go north and use rock smash. Keep going north until you reach the desert. You will need go-goggles. Go through the desert and keep going north. Next, go left. You will see ash covered grass. Keep going left until you're out of the ashy area. You will now be in Fallabor Town.

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Q: How do you get to fallabor town in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Where is the move tutor in Pokemon sapphire?

In the west end of fallabor town

In sapphire where is the fossil maniac's house?

It is in the outskirts of fallabor town. go left of fallabor town and then go up in route 114

Where can you buy TM dig on Pokemon sapphire?

You can only get one from a man in fallabor town in a someone's house.... where a hole is.... you can't buy it anywhere.

You have the meteor in Pokemon emerald what do you do with it?

You give it to the scientist in fallabor town.

How do i get dig in sapphire?

go to fallabor town and go to the fossil maniac's house and talk to his brother

Where is the jagged pass on Pokemon emerald?

the route above fallabor town

Were to find dig on Pokemon sapphire?

talk to the kid next to the cave in the fossil maniacs house in fallabor

How do you get to meteor falls in Pokemon sapphire?

go to fallabor town. go left. go south. go around the mountain range and at the end there is a cave to meteor falls. you can also catch bagon there.

How do you get Lannet's PC in Pokemon ruby?

its right below fallabor town in the house where you find zangoose

What does a heart scale do on Pokemon emerald?

Bring it to the man west of fallabor town and he will teach one of your Pokemon a new move

Where do you find volcano ash in Pokemon ruby?

go right to fallabor town there you find volcanic ash

Where can you find ditto in Pokemon Diamond?

u have to migrate it from Pokemon emerald, and ditto is in the cave at fallabor town after u have beaten the elite four