How do you get to canalava city?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are at Twinleaf Town you go to Jubilife City go to the trainers school (if you want you can battle the children). Then go to the far right exit and go through. Keep going right and you will get to the Orebourgh entrance. Some one will lead you to the gym. Then go to Orebourgh Mine and keep going down then you will find the gym leader. He will show the move rock smash. Then he will go back to the gym and then you battle him. If you win he will give you the HM rock smash. Then you go back to Jubilife and go up the path at the top. You will then battle with the galactic grunts. When you win go straight ahead and go through the ravaged path and tun left and keep going you will then find Canalave City!! Hope you like it!! :)

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Q: How do you get to canalava city?
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How do you get from Jubilife City to Canalava City?

go left from jubilife and surf

Where is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon Dimond?

in canalava city

How do you get in the inn in Canalava city?

well you have to surf with the hm teach it to one of your Pokemon

Is there a level requirement to go in the hotel n canalava city in Pokemon diamond?

the hotel with darkrai? its an event item, not a level requirement.(old key i believes the name)

Pokemon pearl for ds you cant get to canalava city?

Why are there no questions about Pokemon essentials? I can't get mine to generate maps properly!

The Sailor in Canalava City won't allow me to travel to Fullmoon Island on Pokemon Pearl?

Fullmoon Island can be accessed only after you beat the Elite 4. You must talk to the Sailor in his home.

How do you catch cesselia in Pokemon Diamond?

After you get the national pokedex and beaten the elite four you fgo to canalava city ...something like that talk to the sailer he will bring you to fullmoon iland you will see cressia then he runs away to the Pokemon manison [below thhearthome city}

What is behind the door in canalava city that's impossible to open?

it was the darkrai event you went in and went to the bed and fell asleep. You wake up on an island and go to the back and fight darkrai at level 50

Where can you find lumion in Pokemon platinum?

you have to have the super rod then go to canalava city..someone like that and fish there and then a lumion will appear

What time will you find the little boy in frount of the inn in canalava city?

after you have the darkrai event you have to defeat darkrai or catch him afterwards you willl see something drop off cresseilia and thats the lunar wing thats how you wake him up

Where is the canalava hotel in Pokemon pearl?

Go to Canalave City. If you don't know how to get there just follow these directions: 1: Go to Jubilife city. 2:Go all the way to the left to the guards gate. 3: go through the gate 4:Go to the lake and surf. 5: When you get to the city, it's in the top left hand corner.

Were is Canalava in fire red please help I'm stuck?

there are none trade off emerald if you really want it Cameron