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Press the Home Button on the Wii Remote, then point the cursor at and click "Wii Remote Settings" at the bottom of the screen.

In the settings: you can change Speaker volume, enable/disable the Rumble, or Reinitialize the Wii Remote connection to the console.

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Q: How do you get to Wii remote settings?
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How do you turn on a wii remote on the home menu?

If your Wii remote is synced with your Wii, all you have to do is press any button on it.If your Wii remote is not synced with your Wii, select Wii Remote Settings > Reconnect and then press the 1 and 2 buttons to connect your Wii remote.

Can you turn the remote sound off on a Nintendo Wii?

YES! Press the Home button on the remote, go down to Wii Remote settings, press A and there should be a Wii Remote sound setting

How do you turn off the rumble feature on the Wii remote?

Go in to home by pressing the home butten on your wii remote, press on wii remote settings at the bottom and press on the rumble feature in the middle.

How do you connect more than 4 remotes on Wii Just Dance 2?

well the first thing you have to do is go to your wii settings and look in the remote section in settings. after you will select the # of remotes you will like to use. after press the the button on the wii remote to turn it on. it should find the wii remote(s).have fun!!

How do you make a different wii remote player one?

Either:Disconnect P1's remote by removing the batteryConnect a different remote (this doesn't always work)or:Press the HOME buttonSelect Wii Remote Settings > Reconnect. All Wii remotes will be disconnected.Press 1+2 on each Wii remote in the desired player orderPress the A button on any Wii remote.

How do you turn down the volume on a Wii remote?

1. Go to the Home Menu and select "Wii Remote Settings"2. Press the Minus and Plus buttons on screen or on the remote to set the speaker volume.

How do you change the volume on your Wii remots?

You press the home button, then you go to wii remote settings, then you turn down the volume

How do you make the wii remotes stop making noise while playing?

you press the home button. then press the wii settings button and press the minus sign to decrease volume on your wii remote and plus to increase volume on wii remote.

How do you insert another controller in Super Smash bros Brawl for Wii?

Gamecube controller: plug it in the plug-ins under the flap on top of the Wii (in player 2, 3, or 4 plug-in) Wii Remote: press home on the first Wii remote. press wii remote settings. press reconnect. press 1+2 on wii remote 1. then press 1+2 on the second Wii remote. close the home menu with the home button. Nunchuck: connect wii remote. plug in Nunchuck. Classic controller: connect wii remote. plug in Classic Controller.

How do you log in more than one Wii Remote on Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

There is a small red button by the batteries on the remote, and another one on the front of the Wii (inside the flap by the SD cardJ), you have to push them at the same time.You can also go to home and press wii remote settings and at the bottom you can disconect and press 1 numourous of times on both wii remotes and they both will turn on if not you will have to do it again.If it goes back to settings the other wii remote can still turn on I hope that helps you.

On BWii on Wii can you have 2 players on 1 Wii and If so How do you sign in?

yes you can. to sign in a remote, press the home button on your wii remote and select wii remote settings. then select reconnect. have the first player press 1 and 2 at the same time and wait until that remote is connected. then repeat with the other remotes. when your done, press A and return to the game.

How do you get two players for Wii for monster jam?

1) click home button on wii remote 2) click wii remote settings 3) click the 1 and 2 button until you are logged in 4) go to multiplayer 5) play