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i think you just need to look until you get two trash cans in a row with the switches in them

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Q: How do you get to Lt Surge in Pokemon Red?
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What level are Lt. Surge's Pokemon?

LT. Surge has a level 28 Raichu and that's it.

Where do you find Lt Surge Pokemon Red version?

the bottem left side of vermillion in his gym

Where do you get shock wave in Pokemon fire red?

in vermilion city, after you beat LT. SURGE he gives it to you with the THUNDERBADGE

Where is Lt Surge on Pokemon FireRed?

He is in Vermilon city

Where do you go once you defeat Lt Surge on Pokemon fire red version?

Thou go to cerulean city and go inside a cave

What hm do you get after beating lt surge in Pokemon firered?

Shock wave

Where to get shockwave in Pokemon FireRed?

after beating lt. surge, you ll get it with thunderbadge

What city is after lt surges gym in pokemon red?

After beating Lt. Surge at Vermillion City and acquiring the Thunder Badge, make you way to Celadon City to win your Rainbow Badge from Erika.

How do you get to LT SURGE on pokemon's LeafGreen?

Once you cut the tree in Vermillon City, enter the gym. There are bins everywhere. Check everyone until you get 2 switches activated. LT Surge has 3 strong Pokemon.

Where is Slowpoke in Pokemon indigo?

Slowpoke can be found in Vermillion City where Lt. Surge is.

How to get the ninth badge in Pokemon Gold?

go to kanto and beat lt surge

In Pokemon Yellow why wont she give me squrtle?

Beat Lt. Surge first.