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Galctic Headquarters is actually the Team Galactic Veilstone Building, but you'll need a Galactic Key to enter most of the doors.

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Q: How do you get to Galactic HQ on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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What do you have to do that unlocks spear pillar?

nothing just beat the galactic HQ in Pokemon pearl and diamond

How do you get galactic key in Pokemon Diamond?

you find it in the galactic HQ

How do you get in the galactic HQ in Pokemon diamond?

You will need Galactic key and this how to get Galactic key you will need to talk to a Galactic team mate by the Galactic HQ.

Where is HQ at Pokemon pearl?

bad guy HQ (team galactic) is in Veilstone City

What to do after you have freed the 3 Pokemon at galactic HQ on Pokemon pearl?

go and catch them

How do you beat team galactic HQ in Pokemon pearl?

beat the leader.

What do you do after you defeat all the team galactic grunts in the team galactic HQ in Pokemon pearl?

after you get galactic key go to the HQ with sattilite dish go to the door

Get to the galactic master in the galactic HQ on Pokemon diamond version?

go in yellow circles and stairs

What do you do after you free the lake Pokemon from team galactic HQ in diamond?


Where to download Pokemon season 12?

Check out this site:

Where can you get a master ball Pokemon pearl?

You get a Master Ball from Team Galactic Boss Cyrus at the Galactic HQ.

How do you obtain PorygonZ in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

give porygon (or possibly porygon 2) dubious disc ( i think you nick it from galactic hq) and trade him.