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So you got the Oreburgh city gym finished and you got rocksmash. well, all you gotta do is to teach it to a Pokemon then use it to get through ravaged path then you'll be in floaroma town. you'll have to defeat the team galactic people there then you gotta get through eterna forest.If you find that difficult (defeating double battles) walk up and talk to ONE of the double, without walking through them. this will enable you to fight them one at a time, which makes it easier! when you've done that, you're in eterna city!

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Q: How do you get to Eterna City in Pokemon?
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Where can i find Commander Jupiter in Pokemon Diamond?

She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city

Where is eterna forest at Pokemon indigo?

the left of eterna city

How do you find gardenia Pokemon platinum?

In the Eterna gym in eterna city.

How do you get to eterna city in Pokemon pearl version?

you first have to go to floaroma town and then you can go to eterna city

In Pokemon diamond which city is the name rater in?

he is in Eterna city.

What city is the second gym in in Pokemon Platinum?

Eterna City

Where is old gateu on Pokemon platinum?

it's between Eterna Forest and Eterna City

Where is eterna forest in Pokemon diamond?

next to eterna city( retorical question right).

Where is the old chatue in Pokemon diamond?

It is in the Eterna Forest, near the Eterna City entrance.

How can you get to externa city in Pokemon diamonds?

if you mean eterna city then theres cycling road from oregburgh or eterna forest from floarama

Where is Eterna City's Gym in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the very end of eterna city. then you will see a brown building. that is the gym

Where is eterna forest in Pokemon platinum?

Between the top right of Oreburgh city and Eterna city. You can also get to it from Floamora town.