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You have to get the Rainbow Pass to get to 4 Island in Pokemon.

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Q: How do you get to 4 Island in Pokemon?
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How do you get to 4 island -7 island in Pokemon FireRed?

Beat the pokemon league.

Where can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

4 island.

How do you get togeopi in Pokemon?

on 4 island

Can you clone Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen?

No, but you can breed them on island 4.

Where is the Pokemon breeder - LeafGreen?

The Pokemon day care for Pokemon Leafgreen/Firered is on island 4. You have to beat the elite 4 and get the machine on island 1 working to go there.

Why is lorelei of the Pokemon league missing on Pokemon firered?

She is in the cave on 4 island. When you meet here there she returns to the elite4.

What Pokemon is in the 4 islands in Pokemon gold?

If you are on the right island you will find lugia

In Pokemon fire red wihtch island is the breeding sennter on?

island 4

Where is island 4 on pokemon firered?

The official name of island 4 on Pokemon FireRed is Floe Island. To access Floe Island you need the Tri-Pass from Bill. To obtain the Tri-Pass you need to have defeated the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island.

How do you get on island 4 in leefgreen version of Pokemon?


How do you get to 4 island in Pokemon Leaf Green?

you get to the sevii islands after you defeat the Pokemon leagu

How do you double your Pokemon?

You can double your Pokemon in fire red by putting them with a ditto on 4 island.