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You will need Several HMs: Strength, Surf, Defog, and I believe you will also need rock smash. Go through the Celastic Town entrance, so you don't need to use strength twice. Go up, and use strength on the boulder above. Go down the hall and turn left. Now if you see two grunts, you are not far enough in the storyline. Go down the stairway. Use Defog, and if you want the pokeball, use rock smash. Go up and use surf. Now follow the stairwell, and you should be outside. The first trainer you encounter will have a Aimbom and a Porygon.

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Q: How do you get through mt coronet to snow point city in Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you see number 144 in Pokemon pearl?

area near snow point city and snowy area from mt. coronet

Were is the itemfinder in Pokemon pearl?

The Item Finder is a Pokétch application that'll be given to you by your Rival as you progress through the story and eventually have to go through Mt. Coronet at some point, it's an automatic scene so you can't miss it, it'll be called the Dowsing Application.

How do you get to snow point city in Pokemon platnium?

after beating the 6 leagues cross the mt. coronet

Where do you start to get to snow point in Pokemon pearl?

go through the north part of Mt. Cornet. Go north thn east till you get to Snow Point.

What is in snow point temple in Pokemon pearl?


Pokemon Pearl Pokedex where can you see Pokemon 113?

Your rival will have it at som point

How do you get to the waterfall in mt coronet in Pokemon pearl?

First, you will need Surf, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb (and Waterfall if you want to climb the waterfall). Enter Mt. Coronet from the Hearthome City or Oreburgh City side. Make your way northward through the cave. You will have to go outside in the snow at one point. Keep rock climbing till you find a cave that leads back into the mountain, and the next room should have the waterfall.

How do you get hm 7 in Pokemon Pearl?

snow point gym

Were can you find a Feebas in Pokemon platinum?

the northern part of mt. coronet at all times (the part nearest snow point)

Where do you find rockclimb in Pokemon pearl?

On the way to snow point city.

How do you get to spear pillar on platinum from sow point?

You have to get there by flying to Eterna City and going through Mt. Coronet.

How do you get into the Snow Point Temple in the Pokemon Pearl game?

beat the elite four!