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it's easy, get the hm waterfall, search for an old man in the island that will give you the hm, it should be around the vicinity of the cave, teach it to a Pokemon and then use it at the bottom of the waterfall, that's how to.. ^^

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Q: How do you get through icefall cave in pokemon leafgreen?
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Where is icefall cave on Pokemon LeafGreen?

its on 4 iland

Where is icefall cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

on four island

In Pokemon LeafGreen where do you get the HM Waterfall?

In icefall cave.

How do you get waterfall on Pokemon leafgreen?

four island, in icefall cave

Where is hm07 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In icefall cave on four island.

How do you get waterful on Pokemon LeafGreen?

get it in icefall cave on four island

Where is lorelei on island four in Pokemon LeafGreen?

She is in icefall cave.

When does lorelei leave her house on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Icefall Cave

Where to find hm waterfall in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Icefall cave.

How do you get the hm'waterfall in Pokemon LeafGreen?

HM Waterfall is inside Icefall Cave.

Where to get hm 7 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In icefall cave at four island.

Where do you help lorelei at on LeafGreen to get the doctor away from the door on Pokemon LeafGreen?

4 island in icefall cave to reach lorelei you need to find HM7 inside icefall cave.