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You battle all of the trainers inside the building. Try to get to the top.

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Q: How do you get through Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon tower?
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Where is the radio tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

their is no radio tower

Where can you find Cubone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in Pokemon tower btw i LOVE Pokemon

How do you find mr Fiji on Pokemon LeafGreen?

top of Pokemon tower

Where are Cubones in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in Pokemon tower using your silph scope

What route on Pokemon LeafGreen is Cubone on?

In Pokemon Tower in Lavender town

Where can you find mr fugi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

At the top of Pokemon tower.

Where do you find MRFugi on Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is on Pokemon Tower..after you rescue him, he stays in his home in lavender town.Lavendar town/tower

Where do you catch a gastly in Pokemon LeafGreen?

pet cemetery tower in lavender town after you get the silph scope

Where do you get the Upgrade item in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the trainer tower . it is a reward.

Where is the location of haunter in leafgreen?

in the Pokemon tower in lavender town

How do you get past the pokemon tower in pokemon leafgreen?

There is no way you keep battling until you lose

Were do you go to get to Fuji in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The top of Lavender Town's tower