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first you have to battle maxie at the magma hideout (jagged pass) then go to slateport and watch aqua steal sub. Go to the aqua hideout (near the wailmers) and watch them run off with submarine. (dont forget to get master ball from hideout) now the wailmers are gone

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Q: How do you get the wailmer out of the way in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get the Sudowodo out of the way on Pokemon emerald?

get the wailmer pail from the flower store and water it!

How do you get past the Pokemon in the way to the 7th gim on Pokemon emerald?

go to the hideout, the opening in that cave north of the wailmer

What level does wailmer evolve in pokemon emerald?

Wailmer evolves into Wailord at level 40.

Where do you find wailmer in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to find it in the cave

Wailord in Pokemon emerald?

Evolve a Wailmer (Level 40)

Where I can find the wailmer in Pokemon emerald?

surf nere the sky tower

Where can you get wailmer in emerald?

you can get wailmer everywhere in the water on emerald

Can you catch wailmer by surfing in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can. Though it's much easier and faster to catch a Wailmer by fishing.

How do you get the wiggling tree out of the way in Pokemon emerald?

water it with the wailmer pail. it will attack as a sudowoodo. i think it is either level 20 or 40.

How do you get a wailmer in Pokemon emerald?

use a super rod in the ocean near lilycove

What do you do to that little tree in the way in Pokemon battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

U use a wailmer pail and water it and it will be annoyed and it will battle and it will be lv 40 when u battle it

Can you use blue shard on Pokemon emerald to evolve wailmer?

No , wailmer evolve only by leveling it up it evolve at level 40 i think