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Q: How do you get the virtual crystallized dragon breath on aqworlds?
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Where do you get crystallized dragon breath?

at the salon where j6 is

Where do you get crystallized dragon breath in aq worlds?

you can get it at j6 in the saloon.

What are the answers to j6 quiz in AQWorlds?

the answers to j6's quest are: 1.Westion 2.Joe Jingle 3.Crystallized dragon breath 4.Dual revolvers 5.Green 6.Thief 7.Take coordinate by:enternalflamer

The code for crystallized dragon breath on aqw?

there is a lock on the lock is a rod on the right side click on it and pull it up

Where can you get Crystallized Dragon Breath in adventure quest world?

you must go to the saloon to the room with j6. it is inside the fireplace

How do you install crystallized dragon breath to turn off two turrets on aqworlds?

First: take J6 quiz and take the coordinate to hyperium.Second: click at the coordinate is 525.275.Third: if you lucky you can go for 2 defends turret.Fourth: and click the J6 pocket.Fifth: go to zephrus and click the pocket of all until you get something.Sixth: go to VR room again.

What is the dwakel decoder for?

the dwakel decoder searches tiny crystallized dragon's must get J6 secret hideout map and use the dwakel decoder to find hidden places..

What are the answers to j6s test aq worlds?

1.Westion 2.Joe Jingle 3.Crystallized Dragon Breath 4.Dual Revolvers 5.Green 6.Thief

How do you get dragonlord class in AQWorlds?

You have to link your Dragonfable Dragon Amulet account to your AQWorlds account.

How do you get to fire dragon in AQWorlds?

You cant you have to die.

How to kill the red dragon on AQWorlds?

Get a team of adventurers and just kill that dragon.

What are the answers to j6's quiz in dventure quest worlds?

1. Westion 2. Joe Jingles 3. Crystallized Dragon Breath 4. Dual Revolvers 5. Green 6. Thief