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you have to draw a seven on the sign

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Q: How do you get the sword in the cave of Oshus?
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Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass how do you get the door open ingrandpa oshus storage cave?

first (if you havn't already) try to take the cave to town, after that go and talk to oshus. then go into his storage room, and the answer to the "riddle" is 7. then you get the sword :) :) :)

Where is the tree with Oshus's treasure In Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

Go to Oshus's house, and just to the right of his house is a cave that serves as his storehouse (where you got the first sword). There is a tree just outside the storehouse. Dig directly in front of it to discover the treasure.

How do you get past the row of trees in Zelda phantom Hourglass?

Strike them, that's all there is to it. Of course you must have your sword first. You can obtain it in the cave next to oshus's house. Draw a 7 on the board next to the door and grab the sword inside the chest.

Where is the sea king in Zelda phantom hourglass?

the sea king is oshus (the grandpa guy who teaches you how to use your sword)

What tree do you climb in Zelda twilight princess?

the one in front of oshus`s storehouse. (the place where you got the sword)

Where is the Phantom sword?

you will have to get 3 pure metals and give it to zauz when the blade's finished, go to the ocean king's(oshus) house and he will combine the blade and the hourglass together and there you go! you got the phantom sword

How old is oshus in phantom hourlgass?

like anjean, oshus is older than 100 years old.

Who used the hourglass?

Before Link used it (after the fire temple) Oshus used it. SPOILERS: Oshus was using it to look after Bellum after he was defeated in a battle with him.

Where is oshus's house on Zelda phantom hourglass?

Oshus is the old man from the beginning of the game,or the "grandfather" of the fairy

Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass where is the sword?

Just go to a cave right of Oshu's house, writ the number 7 and you will have the sword.

Where is the liquid metal sword is in Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the Chosen?

In the cave east of Rosehill (the Waterfall Cave), on the other side of the mountains. You will need the Ultimate Key to unlock prison doors, and that will lead you down into a cave. The last treasure chest contains a Liquid Metal Sword!

How do you get the sword to get behind the waterfall in harvest moon DS?

To get the sword you need to go to the 255 level in the second cave and then go to the rock and press a