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you take a puffle o' from your dock and put hot sauce on it and feed it to your puffle and your puffle will melt the snow

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Q: How do you get the snow out of the doorway mission 6 club penguin?
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How on club penguin Secret agent mission six how do you get the snow out of the doorway?

Mix a puffle o in the hot sauce in the cave, and then feed the puffle the hot sauced puffle o.

Where do you get the correct snow on club penguin mission clock tower?

snow forts

Where do you get the right snow in club penguin mission clock repairs?

In snow forts. Get your bucket and click on the snow.

Where do you get the soft snow in club penguin mission 7?

i can tell you where you don't get it....

How do you get the board out of the snow in the mission 2 in club penguin?

you cant your stuck yippie

How do you remove the pile of snow on mission 4 on club penguin elite force?

use the duster

What do you do to get out of Herbert's place on Club Penguin Mission?

you get the hot sauce and feed it to the puffle it burns down the snow

When will the new club penguin mission be out if there is one?

If there is one then it will come out when the snow element comes out for card jitsu.

Where is the snow stone On Club Penguin?

When club penguin releases Card-Jitsu Snow, it will bereleased.

How do you give the puffle the snow and the flyer in the clock works mission in club penguin?

you have to put the items on the puffle and click

What is the direction on mission nine club penguin elite penguin force snow trekker ways?

there is none just play it by putting the pieces together!

How do you Get Through the Club Penguin Snow Maze?

You have to be a Member in club penguin.