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you have to go through the cave to get it.

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Q: How do you get the ruby without having to go trouh the cave in mt ember in poemon leaf green no cheats?
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How do you get moltres in Pokemon fire red without cheats?

first of all you don't need cheats, go to mt ember on one island and go to the top of the mountain moltres is right there! need a Pokemon that knows strength.

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Who are the legendary Pokemon i can catch in Pokemon fire red without cheats or a trade partner?

the three legendary bird -articuno:go to seafoam island from cinabar island(you need strength,i think) -zapdos :go to power plant (you need surf) -moltres :go to mt ember on island one

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Help i am stuck on One Two and Three island without HM04 Strength so i cant do all this stuff going through Mt Ember What shall i do?

use escape rope or dig and find hm4. ¨ My problem is not that i cant get out of Mount Ember.... The problem is that you have to go through, Mt. Ember to return to Kanto, which is where you get HM04 - Strength which is required, if you want to go through Mt. Ember.

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Ember Trail is near Mt. Ember, where Moltres is. Ember Trail is also located on One Island.

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