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After completing the sapphire and ruby quest and beating the elite four for a second time head to two island and talk to the guy who runs the mart, he will sell you timer balls and repeat balls and more.

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Q: How do you get the repeat ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you get a repeat ball on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Repeat ball will be sold at a shop on island two after you beat the elite four

Can you get a timer ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes you can!

Where is nest ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

somewhere in the game

Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Master Ball

How many master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only one

How do you capture Mewtwo in pokemon leafgreen?

use a master ball on it

How do you get more than one master ball in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Have a friend trade you a Pokemon holding the master ball they received.

How do you catch my opponent' Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant. the trainer will block the ball.

How do you turn a pokeball in to a master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u cant

Where can you find 3 master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is only one

Can you get another master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No unless you have a game shark

How do you get rare Pokemon in the altering cave on LeafGreen?

you use a ultra ball