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The only way to get the Tech Axe is by being an important person that helped in the early development stages on the game.

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Q: How do you get the recon pick axe in fortress craft?
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How do you get an axe on sims castaways?

You have to craft 1 on the craft bench :)

How do you get gold in castle miner z?

first make a stone pick axe then mine copper then make a copper pick axe then mine iron then make a iron pick axe then mine gold then make a gold pick axe and mine dimonds then make a dimond pick axe then mine bloodston then make a bloodstone pick axe and you can mine anything really fast

How do you make an iron pick axe in mine craft pocket edition?

Well, the same way as you do on the PC: I I I S S I=Iron Ingot S=Stick

How do you craft a pick axe mine blocks?

you go to the crafting table and you place 2 sticks in the middle and 3 of whatever you are going to make the pick axe out of at the top across the top row. you can make it with these materials: iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds, stone, or wood. Hoe this helps!!

What do you need to craft a pick axe in minecraft?

2 sticks and 3 materials of either wood blocks, iron ingots, gold ingots, cobblestone blocks and diamonds.

Where can you get a pick axe in rune scape?

You can buy any type of pick axe in the Grand Exchange. Located in Varrock

How is diamond mined?

with an pick axe

Where do you get a pick axe on poptropica?

i have no clue...

When was the pick axe invented?


Can a pick axe cut a diamond?


How much does mining pick axes cost?

Depends which pick axe it is.

How do you make an iron axe in Minecraft? <---- The link leads to minecraft wiki, it tells you how to craft a wood, stone, iron, budder, and diamond axe.