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Obviously, you can "cheat" using a Wondermail generator. If you want to work for it, there are a few ways:

Do pointless missions and check the boards every day. Eventually, there will be a mission with a reward of the item you seek.

Personally, I got a couple with a different method. Bring a trawl orb/warp scarf/pure seed/escape orb, and preferably a ghost type Pokemon or Darkrai, so you can walk through walls (but that's no issue, if you have Dusclops, I guess). Run Shimmering Hill or Mt. Mistral, as they have a high probability of having Kecleon shops with evolution items. Once you encounter a shop with a reaper cloth, rob that Kecleon blind!

If you aren't an experienced thief, the safest way is to use an escape orb or pure seed as soon as you grab his items. You can also use a trawl orb by the stairs and snatch up the items before you run to the next floor. Finally, for misers like me, you can take his stuff, use a warp scarf to get out of there, unequip it and go into the nearest wall. Since Kecleons can't walk through walls, you're safe until you get to the staircase room, where you'll have to somehow make it to the stairs before Kecleon can kill you.

Again, alternatively, although this is an essentially stupid method, if a friend of yours has a reaper cloth, simply suicide in a rescuable dungeon and have them rescue you. Then, they may give it to you as an attachment on your A-OK mail. That, or you can rescue them, and they can attach it on their Thank-you mail.

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Q: How do you get the reaper cloth in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?
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How do you get Dusknoir in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

Give a Dusclops the item 'Reaper Cloth', and it should evolve at Luminous Spring.

What is the password for reaper cloth in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

4wj46 rwr4726 +3ws0 f8429 wf97s9c s9##r

Pokemon Pearl how to evolve dusclops?

you have to put a reaper cloth on duclops you have to put a reaper cloth on duclops you have to put a reaper cloth on duclops you have to put a reaper cloth on duclops

Which Pokemon uses a Reaper Cloth?

Dusclops uses a Reaper Cloth to evolve into Dusknoir when traded.

Where can you get a reaper cloth in Pokemon sapphire?

Reaper Cloths don't exist in Pokemon Sapphire.

How do you evolve dusclops in mystery dungeon 2?

Answer:You need to have a Link Cable (an in-game item) if it normally requires trade to evolve and a Reaper's Cloth. You also need to Have Recruited Darkrai, Cresselia, Palkia (questionable), and brought back Mananphy (?). Then you should be able to evolve your Pokemon at a special Route.

Where is the reaper cloth on Pokemon pearl?

the reaper cloth is an item you give to duscklops then trade it and it evolves into dusnoir

What Pokemon loves the reaper cloth?

Dusclops. Trade a Dusclops holding a Reaper Cloth to evolve it into Dusknoir.

What Pokemon loves the reaper cloth in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Dusclops, you need to trade a dusclops holding a reaper cloth to evolve it into a dusknoir.

What Pokemon likes reaper cloth in Pokemon HeartGold?

Dusclops uses it to evolve into Dusknoir. Equip a Dusclops with the Reaper Cloth, and then trade it to initiate the evolution.

Where can you find the Reaper Cloth item at in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

The Reaper Cloth can be bought in the Battle Resort for 32BP. This is the only place you can obtain a Reaper Cloth.

What does a reaper cloth do?

When a dusclops holds the reaper cloth and gets traded to Pokemon platinum diamond or pearl it will evolve to dusknoir