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on the second level on the beach, you have to go to the far puddle to the right and the walk and crouch in each puddle towards the left. when you reach the final puddle, start crouching and moving around in the puddle until the screen starts rumbling. dragon heads should pop up. you should then go to one of the heads and press x/sqaure, and you will then get the ray gun.

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Q: How do you get the ray gun in Call of Duty 5?
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What secret weapons are on Call of Duty 5?

that awsome alien ray gun!!

Do all levels have ray gun on call of duty 5?

No, just the 1 level and Nazi zombies mystery box has it too.

What is the best Call of Duty 5 gun for Team Death Match?

sniper, dude

How do you unlock the stg-44 on call of duty 5?

you have to level up. to get every gun, you have to level up to 63 then you can unlock the attachments. the ray gun and the wunderwaffe are on nazi zombies only. ray gun has been on the game from the first nazi level then the wunderwaffe came in the map pack 2 and 3. im not sure what gun comes out with the map pack4.

What is the most annoying gun in call of duty 5?

the bolt action rifles with no sniper scope =)

How much is Ray Gun worth habbo?

if it is a kids ray gun then about £5 if it is a real ray gun then £30

When does Call of Duty 5 future warfare?

there is not a call of duty 5 future warfare, call of duty 5 is world at war

Is there ps2 cheats to get a ray gun for cod 5?

No you do not have COD 5 or WAW you have Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts not designed by Treyarch or with the WAW zombies or ray guns. You need to get PS3 console if you want the full COD games because PS2 and Nintendo have reduced games and without the DLCs

What is the best gun on Call of Duty 5?

its the ppsh41 due to how fast it shoots alone and its recoil and also the attachments for it

Can you get a ray gun in call od duty black ops?

No only the Thundergun but you can get it in Call of Duty:World at War

How do you get the ray gun on call of duty 5?

on "little resistance" you get blown into the water then get picked up. you are then ordered to call an air strike in on the "MG" emplacement this then get out of the sea you'll come to some mud and some holes. clockwise jump in all 3 holes with water in and then do the same counterclockwise. if you have done this right you should see 2 concrete lions rise out of the sea near the rocks. one of them has the ray gun in its mouth. go up to it and swap it for your secondary weapon and 'walla' you have a fully functional ray gun. hope this has helped.

What is the kill steak for sentry gun?

in call of duty modern warfare 2 a sentry gun requires 5 kills or if the perk hardline is applyed 4